2020 Superbones Superwounds West
Virtual Conference Receives Remarkable Acclaim

About the Conference

The Superbones Superwounds West, which has taken place in Las Vegas since 2010, was run as a live streaming event this year and received remarkable acclaim by those attending. When surveyed, 97% found it excellent or good and said they would attend other such online streaming conferences. In reading through the prolific comments submitted, the prevailing themes were that, compared to live conferences that they’ve attended in the past, this new format is less expensive, more convenient and in some respects, a better education experience. Over 1,000 attendees at our first two live streaming virtual CME conferences have told us that they really like this format...and some even prefer it.

PRESENT Thanks the Grand Sponsor of the 2020 Superbones Superwounds West Virtual Conference

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2021 Superbones Superwounds West Dates to be Determined